TEXAS RALLY: President Trump slams Democrats on impeachment, thanks Rick Perry for service

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DALLAS, Texas (KETK) – Hundreds lined up early in the morning to enter the American Airlines Arena in downtown Dallas to enter a rally organized by President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign.

President Trump credits his presidency to 775,000 new jobs in America including 70,000 manufacturing jobs in Texas.

He says there are two rules to follow: Buy America and hire America.


Pres. Trump did not last long before bringing up the Democratic competition and the election controversy.

“For three straight years, radical Democrats have been trying to overthrow results of a great great election,” said Trump.

Next, he went on to call Adam Schiff a fraud after the apparent false conversations Pres. Trump had with the Ukrainian President.

“He makes up my conversation,” said Pres. Trump. “He sees what I said it doesn’t play well because it was perfect, so he made up a totally false conversation with the Ukranian President.”


Speaking on the 2020 election, Pres. Trump says it is more important than before.

“Get that extra time, we’ll have more tax cuts,” said Trump. “We have rebuilt our military, what we’ve done has never been done before.”


Pres. Trump goes on to speak about Democratic candidate Beto O’Rourke and his taxation proposal on churches.

“Last week a very dumb Democrat candidate for President, that’s the end for him in this state, pledged to revoke the tax-exempt status of many churches and religious charities,” said Pres. Trump. “Because Beto in a few short weeks got rid of guns and got rid of religion, those are not two good things in Texas to get rid of.”


Eventually, Pres. Trump spoke on the recent impeachment inquiry brought about by Nancy Pelosi and the House of Representatives.

“And now they continue the outrageous impeachment,” said Pres. Trump. “They come after me but what they’re really doing is coming after the Republican party and what they’re really really doing is coming after and fighting you and we never lose.”


Speaking on the economy, Pres. Trump praises his winning on becoming #1 in the world.

“We’ve gone up trillions of dollars, they’ve [China] gone down trillions of dollars and we are so far number one so far that they’ll catch us if we are smart right here,” said Pres. Trump.


Pres. Trump turned to give thanks to Republicans across the nation including Ted Cruz who was a tough competitor at first but a good friend now, John Cornyn, a competitor to beat, and Tyler Representative Louie Gohmert.

“Once we got him on board he wouldn’t leave us no matter what and he had Mueller and everybody else figure out long before anybody else had it figured out,” said Trump.

Pres. Trump went on to thank Randy Weber, John Ratcliff, Bryan Babam, Lance Gooden, Ron wright.


Pres. Trump brought up Hurricane Harvey that ravaged the Texas coastline and left hundreds stranded and multiple dead. He goes on to talk about Governor Abbott and multiple congressmen asking for a $10 billion dollar dam to prevent water from flowing past the coastline and causing extensive damage.


Suddenly, he went straight to past candidate Hillary Clinton who was accused of hiding and deleting emails with classified information rather than personal information that she claims.

“33,000 emails covering her gym and her daughter’s emails,” said Trump. “That’s a lot of emails for a wedding and working out.”


On Thursday, Rick Perry announced his resignation as Secretary of Energy and Pres. Trump thanked him and said he has done a phenomenal job.

“He’s going to be leaving at the end of the year and probably coming back here or whatever he does it’s gonna to be successful but he’s spent three years with us and I want to Thank you rick what a job you’ve done,” said Trump.


A priority of his campaign, Pres. Trump spoke on the military and the involvement in overseas combat.

“We’ve spent eight trillion dollars in the middle east, thousands of American soldiers have lost their lives, tens of thousands more have been severely wounded,” said Trump. “These wars brought mass chaos, instability, destruction, and death. Today we choose a different path.”


Speaking on relations in Turkey, Pres. Trump mentioned a cease-fire agreement in the border region of Syria.

“We’ve all agreed on a pause or cease-fire in the border region of Syria and it was unconventional what I did,” said Trump. “I said they’re going to have to fight a little while.”


Toward the end of the debate, Trump mentioned the border wall he has been campaigning for all year.

“When the wall is complete they’ll be as strong as any borders anywhere in the world,” said Trump. “My administration believes in a simple principle, the best way to keep foreign terrorists out of America is to deny them deny them admission in the first place.”


Unemployment was brought up as an all-time low in the Trump administration including a large tax decrease.

“Seven million Americans have been lifted off food stamps, 1.3 million children have been lifted out of poverty, and African-American, Hispanic-American, and Asian-American unemployment rates have reached the lowest levels in history,” said Trump.

He went on to say America is the top producer for oil and natural gas in the world.


Back to Democrats and what they give to others, Trump spoke on healthcare benefits for Americans vs. illegal aliens.

“I just an executive action to protect American healthcare benefits for all American citizens, among those hardest hit by illegal immigration are millions of legal immigrants including millions of patriotic, hardworking, Mexican-Americans who play by the rules, pay their taxes, follow our laws, and strengthen our community,” said Trump.


Later Pres. Trump spoke on abortions and how Democrats and Republicans have differing views on when one should be performed.

“That’s why I’ve asked Congress to prohibit extreme late-term abortion,” said Trump. “Because Republicans believe every child is a sacred gift from God.”

As final remarks, Pres. Trump ended with his general message, “Make American Great Again.”

In Tyler, a watch party was held at Texas Music City Grill by the Texas minority coalition.

When asked what they expected out of the debate, they said it would be about the economy.

“I expect him to continue to talk about his accomplishments, about jobs, because jobs are still available in America, the economy is still booming, the stock market is still moving, and so he has a lot of accomplishments,” said Stanley Cofer, a voter.

They were confident in Trump’s campaign and have high expectations for the 2020 election.

“We’re here to support, we’ve got to keep the state red, we’ve got a lot of challenges out there, we just need to keep going. The president’s done a lot of good stuff, I know a lot of people haven’t agreed totally with some of his personality traits, but what he has managed to do against the tide, against all the people fighting him. He’s done a lot,” said Cofer.

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