Texas twin sisters give birth on same day


EL PASO, Texas (KFOX/CNN) — Call it coincidence or a case of really good timing, but twin sisters in El Paso both became first-time moms on the same day.

The two gave birth just hours apart.

It’s not uncommon for Las Palmas Medical Center to deliver twin babies.

These twins have different moms, but by fate, the same birthday.

Celeste and Cynthia gave birth a day before New Year’s Eve, just hours apart.

They’re fraternal twin sisters, who now have two daughters who are twin cousins.

And this was something totally unexpected.

“Even our husbands they say, ‘Oh, did you guys just talk and say hey let’s have these babies together?’ And I was like, ‘There’s no way you can get it exactly,” Celeste says.

During a family cookout where Celeste and her husband announced their pregnancy, Celeste says her sister Cynthia disappeared.

“She was in the bathroom and I was like, ‘What’s wrong?’ She’s like, ‘Come in here.’ And I went in there and she took a pregnancy test and was also pregnant,” Celeste says.

As twin sisters, coincidences have followed them, but they never could have imagined having almost identical pregnancies.

“Even when we did the ultrasounds and stuff like that, they were faced the same. We both had to go back, they were being stubborn. Everything was the same,” Celeste says.

The sisters’ due dates were supposed to be three days apart, but they say it’s like their babies shared some sort of connection.

“When I came to visit her on Sunday when they were admitting her, I had been getting contractions, so she told me to go get checked. And I ended up getting admitted,” Celeste recalls.

Some might call it a New Year’s miracle.

“We share birthdays and now they share birthdays,” Celeste says.

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