Texas volunteers feed more than 500 migrants daily


BROWNSVILLE, Texas (KGBT/CNN) – Some migrants seeking asylum in the U.S. have no place to stay and often no food to eat, but some good Samaritans are trying to help them.

“It’s very important, we got a bunch of people that are over there stranded into Mexico waiting for asylum in the U.S. and there’s no one caring for them in that end, the Mexican government has not stepped up and our government definitely hasn’t either, so someone had to provide for these people,” says Michael Benavides, Team Brownsville.

And that’s where Team Brownsville comes in.

“Volunteers won’t stop, we won’t stop, as long as the service is needed. There may be 700 tonight, but we’ll be ready and tomorrow we’ll bring more,” Benavides says.

MPP is a policy the federal government has implemented, stating people seeking asylum without proper documentation may be returned to Mexico as they wait for immigration proceedings.

“We’re seeing the numbers growing, and who knows, in a week or two we could see up to 1,000 people stranded, with no place to go, no money in their pocket,” Benavides says.

The migrants are at the base of the bridge waiting, some of their court dates are set for September, others in October, and volunteers take them not only food – but tents, tarps and hygiene products.

“It gives them hope and a reason to stay,” Benavides says.

One person hoping to spread the hope is 13-year-old Elias Schock from New York City, who came to the border to volunteer.

“We should try to do this and help feed them and care for them because they’ve been through so much,” Schock says.

“A lot of people just sleeping in the streets, dirty, hungry,” says Benavides.

The volunteers cross the border twice a day, serving breakfast and dinner to asylum-seekers.

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