ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Once a month, people gather for an Art Walk in downtown Abilene that features anything from live art demonstrations and local vendors to food and drinks. Braeden Kuppin, a local vendor at the Art Walk, shared with KTAB/KRBC what she has heard a lot from people in Abilene.

“I hear people constantly complaining that there’s nothing to ever do here and I’m just sitting here like, but there’s something every week,” Kuppin explained.

On every second Thursday of each month, downtown Abilene hosts its monthly annual Art Walk with something for everyone. Kuppin has been attending art walks since she was a kid and is now a vendor.

“I think Art Walk is really important for supporting the artists, especially emerging artists in the community. It’s a really good opportunity just being able to set up vend out here and also to see what other people are doing,” Kuppin said.

Kuppin added that her favorite part is seeing visitors’ faces light up with excitement when they see her work.

“I get really excited when someone comes up to buy something and they tell me I’m going to this party on such and such night and I have this outfit and this is perfect for it and I’m going to wear it with this outfit,” Kuppin explained. “They describe the outfit and I can see it in my head and I’m just like, yes this is perfect I love this, this is exactly why I do this.” 

“It’s kind of like a stepping stone,” said Casey Chavez, the Art Walk’s coordinator. She said the event is incredibly important for young artists like Kuppin.

“As a young artist, you can be a vendor you can get your artwork out there and interact with the public who might not necessarily be able to see your work or even know about you, so it’s a good conversation starter and a great step for a lot of people,” Chavez said.

She added that she looks forward to many more Art Walks to come.

“Getting to like, show people the different sides of art and letting art bring everybody together, like that’s my dream so, I get to live it every month,” Chavez expressed.

February’s Art Walk showcased face painting, clothes, jars, Valentines Day presents and more. The next on will take place on March 9.