The Albany Lions granted themselves another week in pads after defeating Muenster 34-21. The Lions believe their success on the offensive line has what has helped them get this far.

Denney Faith said, “They had a great summer and a great spring and all of them got stronger, so I mean you know we feel good about where they’re at size wise and strength wise. I think the most important thing about them is their all intellegence. Ya know, they’re able to make adjustments during the game, on the run, and be able to make calls on the line of scrimmage, and all five of them, plus the tight end are doing a great job making those adjustments.”

When you think of lineman you think big.

That’s not the case with these guys.

Bryce Asher said, “So uh we aren’t very big offensive linemen but we have great technique, you know we’re coached very well by Coach Fuentes and we work on it every week and we’ve proved to be pretty good.”

The offense has over 500 points on the season with 56 rushing touchdowns.

Asher adds, “We work hard everyday, we show up and we motivate everybody to have a good practice.”
And the running backs appreciate it.

Jaheim Newton said, “Uh I think our line is pretty good ya know they’re pretty fast and they create gaps for me to run through. I’m just really grateful for them cause ya know without my linemen blocking for me and stuff I wouldn’t be able to do anything.”

Albany takes on Windthorst Friday at 7 pm at Graham’s Newton Field for a spot in the state semifinals.
In Albany, for Sports Ravin Ray.