ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – With just about a week away from Thanksgiving, some of you may be preparing to cook for the family as many others prepare to travel to family.

Traveling this year could be more stressful with an estimated 55.4 million people expected to on the roads this Thanksgiving holiday. According to AAA, this year’s holiday travel forecast is a 2.3% increase over last year, the third highest since 2000.

With the average cost of gas for travel season being lower this year as compared to the last, more people are expected to drive to their destinations next week. AAA estimates about 49.1 million Americans will be on the highways.

More people will be flying this year as well. An estimated 4.7 million people will fly for Thanksgiving, which is a 6.6% increase from last year.

That’s not including other modes of transportation, either. The number of people traveling by boat, bus, or train is expected to increase by 11% from last year, with at least 1.5 million people.

Below is a chart of the AAA 2023 Travel Forecast:

All modes of transportation are on the rise from the previous year, so make sure to have some patience as you begin your travels next week.

Now, let’s talk about a different forecast that can also have major impacts for the millions of traveling Americans. Every holiday season it seems that somewhere in the country an airport is shutdown or delayed because of storms.

The latest weather forecast update is still in agreement with Monday’s forecast. As of now, we are still looking at some rain chances to begin next week.

The difference between the two is we are expecting higher rainfall amounts with widespread showers and cooler temps behind a cold front, which is forecasted to drop temperatures down into the 50s next Tuesday.

Now, what is unclear is what could happen beyond that point. As of now, conditions look to remain generally cooler and drier after that system pushes to the east Tuesday and Wednesday just before the holiday.

What causes more uncertainty is the surface fronts and pressure forecast for this time next week. Here is a look at the forecast setup for next Tuesday, November 21:

All of the action seems like it will continue to move off to the east for next few days after Tuesday, causing possible travel issues for people in the eastern half of the US.

If you are heading out that way next week, be sure to monitor the forecast for your destination so you can be prepared for any changes you may have to make.

Back out to the west, conditions seem to be fairly quiet with a broad area of high pressure located in the Rockies region. With not much expected to head this way from the west, things should shape up nicely for us here in the Big Country and Lone Star State for the rest of Thanksgiving week.

There is a front forecasted to be located in the Central Plains by this time next week, so BCH meteorologists are going to keep an eye on it just in case that front continues to push south into the middle to end of next week.

As for this week, the sun will hang out for a couple more days and southerly wind flow returns, allowing us to climb into the 70’s this Wednesday and Thursday. There is a weak frontal system that is expected to bring us back to seasonal conditions on Friday with partly sunny and breezy conditions.