ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – In the rapidly expanding field of wind energy, jobs are plentiful and technicians are in high demand – especially in Texas. That’s where Safety Technology USA (STL) steps in to fill the gap with certification and technical skills.

“We teach them how to work at heights safely, and then, in the event of an emergency, how to help somebody,” said STL Training Manger Brandon McKelvan.

STL USA, an American branch of the international Safety Technology business has been operating in Abilene for the past three years, getting qualified students in contact with the skills they need to enter the trade.

“The demand is very high, very high,” McKelvan revealed. “This industry has a manpower shortage.”

According to latest Indeed.com results, a wind turbine technician without experience starts out at $18.00 per hour. The job comes with a traditional schedule, benefits, and ability to relocate. All you need is a high school diploma or equivalent.

At STL USA’s South Mockingbird Location, staff gives students hands-on experience with electrical and mechanical maintenance, as well as rescue and first aid in emergency situations.

“We have everything built in to where they can learn without any bad consequences,” prided McKelvan.

Though training can take on a psychological preparation as well depending on the situation, as STL instructor Michael Garcia explained to KTAB/KRBC, “Some come into the industry with a fear of heights. We can’t cure you of that you have to cure that yourself, but we just make you more comfortable with it knowing that if something were to happen, you’re able to apply what we teach you here, out there in a real world scenario.”

Whether you’re new to the field or an employee looking for certification, the training offered in the two-week course covers just about any situation you might face.

“It’s great, I mean you can take this career a lot of different directions,” McKelvan added.