MERKEL, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – A Merkel couple and their four children were left with just the clothes on their backs and a few personal items that were salvageable from a fire that completely devastated their home early Sunday morning.

It took the Tye Volunteer Fire Department (VFD), and other responding fire crews, nearly three hours to extinguish the fire that started in the kitchen.

“As you can see, it’s gone. The house is gone from our daughter’s room to the kitchen,” fire victim, Trenady Davis pointed out. “It’s obviously burned to the ground.”

Trenady and her fiance, Thomas Bradfield were hoping to salvage one sentimental item that belonged to their 14-year-old daughter.

“We got her a guitar. It really helped her get through all the stuff she was dealing with, and I just pulled it out of the corner of a bedroom and it’s gone,” said Bradfield.

The couple told KTAB/KRBC they’re grateful no one was inside the home at the time of the fire, but they’re having to mourn the loss of their cat who was not so fortunate to make it out in time.

The family was in Abilene house sitting for Bradfield’s mother when his sister woke them up early Sunday morning to let them know their house had caught fire.

The family of six is now staying with Bradfield’s mother in her one bedroom apartment while they look for another home.

Follow this link to donate to the family. They say they’re in need of clothes, shoes, and other essential items.