Veterinarian: “There has been no evidence of cats passing the virus back to people”


ABILENE, TX (KRBC/KTAB) – Dr. Russell Ueckert of Big Country Veterinary Clinic said until April 22, the only animals tested positive for COVID-19 were two dogs a pet cat in Hong Kong. But finally, the nation has seen its first animal cases. 

“There have been two cats in the united states that have tested positive for coronavirus,” he said.     

“They were both exposed to people who tested positive for coronavirus.”  

Dr. Ueckert said animals can be inapparent carriers but there’s not enough research that it can be carried on their fur. He says to use the same cautions as you would for a human.   

“There has been no evidence of cats passing the virus back to people,” he said.    

Which gives pet owner Steve Jenkins some relief.   

“Because if they can’t give it to humans then I’m not really that concerned about it,” Steve said.   

But Dr. Ueckert said extra caution wouldn’t hurt. Any animal that roams free is subject to picking up a number of diseases, coronavirus being one of those.   

“So, if it is at all possible keep your animal at home, keep it safe where it cannot go out and roam and come into contact with other animals and other people,” he said.  

And the same care you would do for yourself, should be the same for your furry friends.  

“Wash their food bowls, wash their water bowls,” he said. “When you come home wash your hands so you don’t bring something home to them.”   

But at the end of the day, Dr. Ueckert said, for now have no reason to fear our animals as long as were doing our jobs as attentive owners.   

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