ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – It’s been 35 years since an Abilene teenager went missing. His father and a crime blogger are still fighting for justice for Michael Adams all this time later.

It seemed like a typical night for 18-year-old Michael on June 9, 1987, as he worked his closing shift and headed back to his family home. Little did he know, he would never be able to go inside again.

His stepsister reported looking through the window as a younger girl, seeing her older stepbrother talking with someone inside a car outside their home. He was never seen again, and 35 years later, his remaining family is still grieving. 

“Some people say, ‘It’s been so long, you kind of forget about it.’ There’s no way I’m going to forget about what happened to Michael,” Michael’s father Howard Adams said. 

Adams is now 92 years old, and he knows his time is limited. Because of this, he wants to know what happened to his son as soon as possible. 

“We know somebody knows what happened, and we’re not through yet,” Adams advocated. 

Michael’s case is still listed on the Abilene Crime Stoppers missing persons website.

According to Crime Stoppers, this is what Michael might look like today:

Abilene Crime Stoppers: Aged progression photo of what Michael Adams might look like now

Strangers to Michael have continued to seek justice for the Abilene teenager, who would now be 53 years old. A crime blogger, Anthony Wayne, who writes about many missing persons as CrimeBlogger1983, has even gotten involved in Michael’s case.

“This Facebook thing has just come up here, that made me just say that we’re hoping — I mean we are hoping for it, and maybe kind of looking for — some information from that,” Adams said. 

The Facebook post Adams referenced is the one created and run by Wayne, on a Facebook page called ‘Where’s Mike Adams?’ 

Wayne told KTAB/KRBC he’s concerned about the amount of time that has gone by without any word from or about his beloved son. 

“[It’s] just overall frustration that it’s taken 35 years to try to get the ball rolling,” complained Wayne. 

Wayne advocated that an arrest should have already been made. This father said he believes, not only that Michael was murdered, but that he believes he knows who could have murdered him.

“This one’s pretty solid, and it’s pretty obvious what happened to him,” Wayne said matter-of-factly.

Wayne said he had gotten familiar with this case when someone sent him an email, encouraging him to write about it. Since then, he has even come to Abilene to learn more about the case. He plans to come back to hang flyers around, making sure that Michael’s case is never forgotten. 

“Do as much as you can to keep his case alive,” Wayne said. 

Michael’s father said he won’t allow his son’s case to die as long as he is alive. 

“If you just remember that Michael Adams — we still think about him,” added Adams. 

If you believe you know where Michael could be, submit a tip to Abilene Crime Stoppers by clicking here or calling (325) 676-8477.