ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Just two weeks after departing from Dallas, Texas, Abilene women – Ellie Hamby and Dr. Sandy Hazelip – have visited three continents on their seven-continent world tour. Dubbed “Around the world in 80 days at 81 and still on the run,” these ladies have taken in some incredible sights.

Dr. Hazelip (left) and Hamby (right) at the top of an Easter Island volcano

“To walk around Antarctica, that was so exciting, but I will tell you – to see the views here on Easter Island is absolutely amazing. Every turn that we make is just another beautiful scene,” Hamby told KTAB/KRBC during a phone interview.

Dr. Hazelip looking out over Santiago, Chile from their tram car

From Dallas, they landed in Argentina, catching a boat through the Drake Passage to arrive in Antarctica. Now, they’ve landed on Easter Island after a quick stop in Chile.

“Oh, it was just amazing, and you know, Santiago (Chile) is sort of the New York of South America,” said Hamby.

A quick 2,330-mile flight landed them at Easter Island.

“It’s a very remote Island, there was only one flight to get out here today,” Hamby detailed. “They have a ship that comes by every now and then, bringing supplies.”

On the Island, the women said they made a 5,830-step trek up the Orango Volcano, and took in the timeless and ancient Easter Island Heads. Both beauties they’ve learned much about from locals.

“There are some facing the land to protect the people of the land, and there’s seven that face the sea to protect the people coming in,” relayed Hamby.

Daily trips to the local spots have provided many opportunities to speak with the native people and learn more about this fascinating Island.

Hamby continued, “The people on the Island, the Rapanui, this is their home… Of course we stop and have lunch and the people are just so precious.”

Dr. Hazelip and their driver Miguel

Hamby and Dr. Hazelip told KTAB/KRBC they’ve made it a point to not book their accommodations with any international chains. Instead, they prefer to stay in locally-based businesses, like their Easter Island cabana owned by their driver, Miguel – who has reportedly taken to calling Dr. Hazelip the “Queen of Easter Island.”

“He’s a good friend,” the friends agreed. “We’re staying at his place. He has little cabanas by the ocean… We cook our own food, we do have electricity… And we have open windows for our air conditioning.”

As Hamby made plans to travel down to the coast to do a little scuba diving Wednesday, Dr. Hazelip said that’s just not quite her speed, “I love watching Ellie Snorkel.”

With all their good fortune, the first change of plans has presented itself. Peru wound up to be too internationally volatile for them to continue to the mountains of Machu Picchu as planned.

“There’s too much protest and violence going on in Peru right now,” explained Hamby.

They are planning to make a trip back to Argentina in hopes of visiting a ranch before jetting off across the equator to Spain to begin their European tour.

A view from their cabin window as they crossed the Drake Passage to Antarctica

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“We’re just having the best time ever,” Hamby added.