ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – A group of Abilene realtors recently flew to the state capitol in hopes to fight for property owner’s rights and one major bill they are advocating for would result in lowering property taxes. A local realtor shared how events like these show a glimpse of all that realtors do for Abilene residents. 

Judith Puryear has been a Big Country realtor based in Abilene since 2009, and she said finding the perfect home for a client is a part of the job. She added that when most people think of realtors, they think, “Someone who just looks at the internet and says, ‘Come look at this house,’ and opens the door.” 

However, Puryear explains there is much more to being an Abilene realtor than many will ever know. In fact, she recently flew to the capital along with 16 other realtors to fight for property owners’ rights. 

“It’s a big deal, and you know, going to Austin and letting our representatives know, ‘Hey, we want what’s best for our property owners, and homeowners, our business owners,” Puryear explained. 

Courtesy of Ken Hogan

One of the main topics discussed was advocating for Senate Bill 3, which would ultimately lower property taxes, something Abilene Association of Realtors Executive Ken Hogan shared is important.

“We think property owners are paying a disproportionate share to what we should be paying,” said Hogan. “We have always advocated for lower property taxes.” 

Hogan said this bill, which expands exemptions for primary residences from $40,000 to $70,000, would save an average of $400-$500 a year on taxes for Abilene residents. 

“The more expensive the property is, the more the savings are going to be,” Hogan explained. 

Hogan shared Senate Bill 3 passed through the Senate a few days ago, and now, it has to pass through the House. 

Hogan added that 3,500 realtors from the state met in Austin, and about 17 of those represented the Key City. 

“That’s kind of in a realtor’s DNA, that they advocate and work as a group,” said Hogan. 

This group also advocated for other items, such as creating the Texas Broadband Infrastructure Fund and the Texas Water Fund. Hogan said this would most likely appear on the November ballot. They also advocated for funding for the Texas A&M Forest Service Tanker fueling facility at the Abilene Airport. 

It’s because of trips like this that Puryear believes that without realtors fighting for homeowner and property owners’ rights.

“They could fly by and it hurts owners,” Puryear expressed.

This is why Puryear said what realtors do is more than necessary for all of Big Country.