OVALO, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – When you walk into Sue Gill Harris house, you are instantly greeted with the smell of cookies and countless pictures of her grandchildren. As a retired Jim Ned ISD teacher of 42 years, she always had a love for reading to her grand kids and students.

“I am deeply in love with all my grandchildren, they’re my most special blessing,” Harris expressed.

It even inspired her to write books, inspired by her personal relationship with her grand kids. Harris face-timed her youngest grandchild Hayley, a 13-year-old in the eight grade. Hayley said it is cool, yet odd, to see a book version of herself but loves how witty her character is.

“I think Xander asks me in the book why the cookies are in star shape, and I say because they taste good,” shared Hayley.

Hayley, along with Harris’ three other grand kids, are featured in her new book ‘Nana’s Thanksgiving Stars?’ This is a sequel to her first book ‘Nana’s Christmas Snowflakes.’

Sue shared that she plans to write a book for every religious holiday to remind people that the holidays are to share the love of God by spending it with family. She added that Hayley loves to draw and in the future plans to illustrate one of her books.

Although her oldest grandchild is now 30 and her youngest 13, Harris said she loves that she can make her grand kids be any age in her books and bring her grand kids home for the holidays through her storytelling.