ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – For decades, “Shuffle Skate” events have been held all around the United States. It’s a chance for the best roller skaters in the country to show off their skills. At many of them, you’d find Abilene’s own Jeff Groban, Long time skater and owner of The Skatin Place.

The USA Shuffle Skate is usually held twice a year in Georgia or Florida, but thanks to Groban’s persistence with event organizers, the event will be coming to Texas for the first time ever. Come Friday and Saturday, January 13-14, the best skaters in the nation will roll into Abilene.

“I’ve been going to the shuffle skates in Atlanta, and I know the owner there, and I’ve been bugging him for a couple years to do it,” explained Groban.

With the date lined up, Groban said he and his staff have been getting the carpets cleaned, rink waxed, and even installing a new bass system for the possible hundreds of skaters to arrive.

“This is huge for us,” Groban trumpeted. “This is something that not a lot of rinks get.”

Everyone 18 and older is invited to come skate with the best for $20.00 at the door. In addition to DJ Mayhem, skating stars of TikTok fame Chellbell.Sk8girl and Griffinbrothersskating will be there to showcase their best moves to the beat, right alongside everyone else.

“He came up to us at dinner, and he was like, ‘hey, I’ve gotta have you guys out in Texas for my event.’ I was like, ‘Jeff, we got you!’ We love Jeff, Jeff is amazing. He’s a great guy,” shared professional roller skater, Marcus Griffin.

Griffin and his brother Michael have been skating since they were nine years old. Rising to fame just in the last year, they’ve rolled into the spotlight. Since 2021, the Griffin Brothers have been featured on national television, and toured to roller rinks and schools all across the country – spreading joy and meeting fans.

GriffinBrothersSkating via TikTok

“I’ve never flown so much in my life… At every airport when we travel, we have about four or five people recognize us,” Griffin said. “[They] Come up to us and say, ‘hey, you’re the guys from TikTok.’ I never, in a million years, thought I would be able to bring that same joy to people by doing what I love to do.”

The adult skating community has seen a resurgence in recent years, many dusting off their skates during the pandemic and returning to the rink when things opened back up.

“I’ve been skating for almost 50 years,” Groban beamed. “To see it come back like it’s done, it’s just amazing.”

Griffin told KTAB/KRBC he and his brother have enjoyed the ride, and found a true purpose to their passion. Fans and fellow skaters have even reached out to tell them just how much they enjoy their content.

“People tell us that they suffer from depression, but when they watch our videos, it turns their day around. So when we travel, that’s all we want to do is spread joy,” beamed Griffin.

This will be the Griffins first time in Texas, but Groban said there will be a warm West Texas welcome waiting for them.

“We just hope everyone from Abilene shows up and skates,” Groban added. “It’s gonna be a blast.”