Tips on staying cooler and saving money while running your home A/C in the summer


ABILENE, Texas (KRBC/KTAB) – Being able to come back home to a cool place and save some pennies while you’re at it is easier than you think. With service calls at all-time high at Abilene Air-Tech, they are offering tips for things you can do to have a more relaxed summer.  

“If you just turn it off completely, it’s going to get hot in the house, and when you get back it’s going to use a lot more energy and it’s going to take a lot longer to bring that temp back down,” President Nick Watkins said.  

But leaving your air conditioner on isn’t the only tip that can ensure a cool house without breaking the bank. He said it’s as easy as keeping your inside doors open.   

“A common misconception is to shut all the doors and we’ll make it cooler over here. That’s not the case, you’re actually choking the system down and not allowing the air back,” he said.   

While you have your doors open, turn those ceiling fans on too.   

“Ceiling fans help move the air around, heat rises, it’s called stratification,” he said.   

And before you start up that mower, he said you’ll want to cut off your outside unit. 

“That outside unit draws air,” he said. “So, if the unit is running and you got a bunch of debris in the air and dust, it’s going to get sucked onto those coils and it’s going to make that outside unit breathe harder.” 

He says they’re not refrigerator equipment. A/C units aren’t made to run at 65 degrees, usually cooling the inside 32 degrees cooler than the outside temp.   

“Anything other than that is basically at the limits of the equipment,” he said.   

 Lastly, also check your air filter. A dirty filter can make a unit die out after just one year, Watkins says.   

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