ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – A “tooth” and information from a criminal informant behind bars prompted investigators to search a north Abilene property for the body of missing man Clay Rodman.

The property, located on the 3900 block of Old Anson Road, was cleared in connection to Rodman’s disappearance after an extensive search effort by the Abilene Police Department’s Search and Rescue team on April 1, 2017. Police told KTAB and KRBC they were unable to locate Rodman’s body or any other evidence connected to his disappearance.

Court documents released to the public on Wednesday show the property was searched because a criminal informant, who had provided good information for similar crimes in the past, came forward while behind bars in February and told investigators he had information on the death and burial of Rodman.

This informant took investigators to the property on the 3900 block of Old Anson Road and showed them the area where he believed Rodman’s body was buried, according to the court documents, which say the informant also arranged for a third-party to bring a “tooth” (dental cap) to detectives that “had allegedly been knocked out of Clay Rodman’s mouth the night he was killed”.

DNA testing results from this “tooth” are still pending. 

The court documents also say that an individual the criminal information claimed was involved in Rodman’s disappearance was placed in the same housing pod as the criminal informant, and while in jail, this individual told the criminal informant “details of the investigation not known to the public”.

The individual then self-implicated himself in Rodman’s burial and was able to describe how the “tooth” came into his possession, according to the documents, which state the informant also described how Rodman’s body was taken from one location to his burial location at the home on the 3900 block of Old Anson Road. 

Rodman was last seen on May 1, 2013, when a bail bondsman dropped him off outside Abilene’s Salvation Army upon his release from jail. 

Rodman’s father eventually filed a missing person’s case, and  His face has been featured on billboards across the region for years as his family continues to search for answers.

Investigators say they still receive tips and will follow each one until Clay Rodman or his remains are found.