ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Looking back at the year in weather, KTAB/KRBC Meteorologist, Kayleigh Thomas, is counting down and breaking down the top five weather events of 2021 in Abilene. Next on our list is the extremely wet spring we experienced in Abilene and across the Big Country.  

In our last countdown we talked about how dry the summer months were, but at the end of August there was still a rainfall surplus for the year, at that time. That was all due to how wet the spring months were, specifically April and May.  

Entering the month of March, just over half-an-inch below the expected average rainfall was recorded. That deficit was heightened, to 1.32-inches by the beginning of April. This was evident when you looked at the drought monitor for April 27, when widespread drought conditions were present across the Big Country. But, this would all change by the 28th.

Drought Monitor before April 28th rain compared to the next week

In one day, Abilene Regional Airport picked up 3.29-inches, which set a record for the most rain received on one day for the month of April. The 28th is what put the region above average for its annual rainfall of the year. By the end of the month, Abilene received 4.88-inches, 3.24-inches above average.  

April measured precipitation (green) compared to yearly average precipitation (brown)

As the classic saying goes, April showers bring more May showers… That doesn’t sound right, but it is what happened. Abilene continued to see above average rainfall, and received well over eight inches of rain before the month ended. 2021 also ended up being the eighth wettest May on record in Abilene.  

May measured precipitation (green) compared to yearly average precipitation (brown)

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In two months, we saw over 13 inches of rain, leaving the region with a surplus of 8.23-inches for annual rainfall. That 8.23-inches is what kept our annual rainfall high throughout the summer months, where we saw three straight months in a rainfall deficit.  

As the countdown of the most impactful Abilene weather events comes to a close, the last event won’t surprise anyone. Be on the lookout for an in-depth report on the record-setting winter storm and February freeze.