ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Looking back at the year in weather, Meteorologist Kayleigh Thomas is counting down and breaking down the top five weather events of 2021 in Abilene. Next on our list is the extremely dry summer that was experienced across the Big Country.

Each of the three months saw a deficit of at least three quarters of an inch with August having the largest departure from normal at 1.96 inches.  

Usually, we can see how big of a rain deficit we are in by comparing two different drought monitor maps. When we compare the first released June drought monitor to the last August drought monitor, there is a slight spread of the first category of abnormally dry in the northern portions of the Big Country. If we were short on rainfall, we would expect the drought monitor to be worse right?  

June 1, 2021 drought monitor compared to August 31, 2021

After three months, Abilene Regional Airport measured only 4.15 inches compared to our normal expected amount of 7.89 inches. However, looking at measured rainfall for the year by the end of August we were at a total of 20.08 inches.  Our expected amount for that time of the year is 16.98 inches, leaving us at a surplus of annual rainfall even after three months of a deficit.  This is what helped the drought monitor seem tame at the end of the summer 

Accumulated precipitation for June through August 2021 compared to average accumulation

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But where did that surplus come from? That is all thanks to the rain we saw throughout the spring, which we will talk about next on our countdown of the top five weather events of 2021.