ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Looking back at the year in weather, KTAB/KRBC Meteorologist, Kayleigh Thomas, is counting down and breaking down the top five weather events of 2021 in Abilene. Next on our list is the heat that came with the last four months of the year.  

Fall and the beginning of winter felt toastier than what the Big Country has been used to, and it all started in September. The average temperature for September is 76.8 degrees, but in 2021 the average was 79.9 degrees in the area. Making September 3.1 degrees warmer than normal.

Looking at high temperatures for the month, normally the average of 88.7 degrees would be expected. However, the month closed out with an average high of 93.4 degrees.  

Daily Temperature Data for September 2021

Entering October, above average continued to be the name of the game. The average temperature, like September, was also 3 degrees above the average value of 67 degrees for the area.

The average maximum temperature ended up at 83.2 degrees, just under 4 degrees above average.  

Daily Temperature Data for October 2021

November followed suit, but was just a touch closer to average than the two months prior. Both the average temperature and the average high temperature sat 2 degrees above average. But, November was nothing compared to what December would bring, in terms of heat.  

Daily Temperature Data for November 2021

December 2021 was one for the record books across the board.

Seven daily high temperature records fell that month. A record was set for the warmest December day ever since record keeping began in 1895, the day after Christmas, at 90 degrees.

Daily high temperature records weren’t the only records being challenged that month. Record warm minimum temperatures were also broken.

The area’s low temperature of 64 degrees, measured at Abilene Regional on December 15, broke a record set 73 years ago – of 59 degrees.

Much like December 26, this set the record for the warmest minimum temperature for any December day. This was the warmest December Abilene has ever seen.

Daily Temperature Data for December 2021

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Things quickly turned around to start 2022, with a strong cold front dropping overnight lows to the teens.  

Next on the countdown of Top 5 Abilene Weather Events of 2021, KTAB/KRBC Meteorologist, Kayleigh Thomas will look at how dry the summer was across the Big Country.