ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – A traffic study presented to Abilene Metropolitan Organization took a look at an additional entry point to the airport, three or more traffic signals in south Abilene and a frontage road addition to Loop 322.

This study was conducted to see how the area will handle future growth in the area including Great Lakes Cheese, both the Abilene Zoo and Airport expansions, as well as a warren CAT development on FM 1750 and Loop 322.

The traffic study estimated that a new entrance road that lines up with FM 18 to the Abilene Airport would be able to handle increased traffic beyond 2032. The study also recommend a four lane road with two lanes going to the airport and two leaving it, with the option to cross the intersection, stay on FM 18 or turn either way onto Highway 36.

Photos courtesy of Kimley Horn and Associates, Inc.

The study shows that by 2027, at least three new traffic signals will need to be installed at intersections on FM 1750, especially if the FM 18 road addition move forwards in progress.

It recommended a new light at the intersection of FM 1750 and South 27th Street by 2025 and new signals at both the north and south sides of the intersection of Loop 322 and FM 1750. The study also noted that the brick wall near FM 1750 and South 27th Street is ‘limiting the sight distance’ for west bound travelers.

Moving towards Lytle Shores Neighborhood, residents have fought for years to keep Lytle Way a two lane frontage road, located along Loop 322. Now, a plan has been made to keep it that way and give Loop 322, pass the Taylor County Expo, its own frontage road.

Residents of this area have spoke about turning Lytle Way into a one way road due to safety concerns. In the new traffic study, several options were presented to the Abilene Metropolitan Planning Organization. The preferred option is to keep Lytle Way the same (two-lane road) and build a frontage road for Loop 322 that would bypass Lytle Way.

The plan would also call for north bound traffic on Lytle Way to make a left turn on Expo Drive and continue to East South 11th Street, passing the Expo Center. The new proposed road would be continuous from TX-36 and would connect between Lytle Way and Loop 322.