ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – There is no doubt that it can get pretty windy in the Big Country. Winds that are strong enough to cause some serious damage to your property. Garrison Powell from Thornton’s Tree Service said they receive multiple calls as the weather transitions from freezing temperatures to spring-like weather.

“Recently with the strong winds, we’ve seen a lot of emergency calls kind of come up us needing to be ready at the drop of a pin and go out,” Powell shared.

Powell said now is the perfect time to check what trees survived the winter and the freeze and shared what the warning signs are and what to look out for.

“Bark either cracking or pealing, little burrow holes kind of inside your limbs and trunks and things like that are kind of a sign that a tree may be dead or dying or subject to insect infection infestation,” added Powell.

Even if a tree appears to look normal, taking preventative action is key.

A tree may be healthy (and) kind of like when you get a haircut, you want to go in and kind of thin out your leaves and things like that”, said Powell.

Ignoring the signs of a tree that needs to be cut down can be costly once it falls. Powell shared that keeping up with routine maintenance can save money in the long run.