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Two long-time law enforcement officers enter Nolan County Sheriff’s race


SWEETWATER, Texas (KRBC/KTAB) — Two long-time law enforcement agents have filed for the sheriff’s election in Nolan County.

Throughout the town of Sweetwater, yellow and blue signs are perched on the curbs of businesses and the front yards of residences as Detective Ray Cornutt is taking on the incumbent, Sheriff David Warren to represent the county.

Cornutt said he feels supported by the community to run for a second time, after he fell short in the vote in the last election.

“Four years ago I had several people come to me and ask for  you know–said that they way things were going at the Sheriff’s office that they weren’t happy with, and I was at a point in my career that I was like ‘Okay. We could do this,” said Cornutt. “I come up short  by just a little bit last time, and then for the last four years, I’ve had people constantly ask me if I was gonna run again.”

Looking for a fourth term in office, Sheriff David Warren said the position requires experience that meet a certain criteria.

“[The county] needs somebody that’s had some training and experience and ideally have come up through the ranks if you will through the Sheriff’s office,” said Warren.

Cornutt said he wants to resolve issues he has noticed within the county including a lack of 24 hour patrol and communication between law enforcement groups.

“I know in the past race that [Sheriff Warren] had said that the numbers didn’t justify having officers hour 24 hours a day,” said Cornutt. “My opinion is, if there is one person that calls in the middle of the night when there’s no deputies out then that justifies having an deputy out all hours of the night.”

Two main goals for Warren are strengthening internal county affairs and ramping up the fight against the drug problem within the county, an issue he said, spreads into every sector of the local government.

“Our [drugs of choice] out here in Nolan County is street-level heroine along with the methamphetamine,” said Warren. “That’s a real priority for me…we’re trying to address it in more of a regional fashion instead of strictly Nolan County, because there’s a lot of back and forth between, you know, Abilene, Sweetwater, Colorado City and so forth.”

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