CISCO, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – At the request of the City of Cisco, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) held a community meeting at the Cisco High school cafeteria on Thursday to discuss the possibility of relocating the I-20 westbound exit ramp which crosses highway 183.

“We just want to get the public’s pulse. whether there’s support for the project or whether it’s just not wanted,” said Officer Lisa Tipton with TxDOT Brownwood.

There was a good turnout of citizens, many of whom said the exit has been particularly troublesome in recent years.

“I deal with that exit ramp every single day. It’s kind of been a nightmare and it’s gotten more dangerous and more dangerous,” Cisco Resident, Caleb Pharr, spoke out.

A lack of room for those exiting to properly make a right, combined with a hill on the access road, that leaves little visibility and makes for a difficult area for drivers.

“All the truckers like to exit off and they have to make a 180 with their 53 foot trailer, and try to make that turn,” Pharr said.

TxDOT officials told KTAB/KRBC the relocation of the ramp, by about 3,000 feet east would cost around $1.5 million dollars; a sum of state funding the exit does not currently qualify for.

“The data didn’t support the need for it due to safety and mobility issues, there are other areas that are higher priority,” Officer Tipton advised.

Even so, there are other options on the table. Options such as LED stop signs, or possibly widening the road in that stretch to allow for better mobility. These options are said to be considerably more affordable and TxDOT would be more likely to be able to fund them.

At the meeting, Cisco residents voiced their suggestions, as well.

“To put in a big light tower that’ll light that area up a lot better at night time so you can at least get a better visual,” Pharr suggested. “There has got to be something done to where you can make it to where you can at least do that turn back.”

A similar meeting will be held for Eastland residents at a date to be determined.