TUSCOLA, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – A recent social media post of a collision from the Jim Ned Volunteer Fire Department has raised awareness of the “Y” split of U.S. 83/84 outside Tuscola, thrusting upcoming TXDOT developments into the spotlight.

At the intersection, drivers traveling from Abilene can continue on US 83 to Tuscola or US 84 toward Lawn and Coleman. The highway’s speed limit is not reduced at this Y intersect and cars traveling out of Tuscola toward Abilene must stop at a stop sign.

Because of the high volume of traffic in the area, cars often back up by the handful leading some drivers to turn onto US 84 to cut around the line and merge back onto the conjoined highway.

However, as Abilene TXDOT Public Information Officer, Tanya Brown explained, that action can result in an accident as the crossover is placed just before a blind curve of US 84.

“You’re taking off from a stop sign or a yield sign, then trying to get over and accelerate into the left hand lane and then immediately take that turn around,” Brown described. “Vehicles are in those main lanes and you’re trying to cross traffic coming at an accelerated speed.”

Jessica Morrison works at MasTech right next to the Y, she says she has seen her fair share of near-miss accidents.

“I’ve seen some close calls I’ve seen some not so close calls,” said Morrison. “Pretty dangerous out here a lot of people trying to get around that stop sign.”

Brown added that TXDOT is currently in the process of assessing how to improve this stretch of road, with widening and construction projects set to begin in July of 2025.