TYE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – The Tye Police Department will soon be able to get a bird’s-eye view of certain, otherwise, inaccessible situations and areas with a new drone.

Sergeant Myron Perkins said he attended a drone operator school and received his FAA pilots license in order to fly the drone.

“If we run into a situation where we have a rural area where officers maybe can’t quite get to or it’s harder to get to, we can get the drone in the air,” explained Sgt. Perkins. “It can get eyes on somebody or something, and follow them until we get to a point where we can get officers in there.”

Perkins told KTAB/KRBC a drone is an asset for law enforcement. It can help aid in everything from accident reconstruction scenes, crime scenes and tracking individuals who may be on the run.

The drone can also enter stand-off situations if police officers are required to stay behind a barricade and cannot enter the scene on foot.

With the City of Tye being so close to Dyess Air Force Base, the FAA does have to issue a Certificate of Authorization for the Tye Police Department to fly in certain areas and within a certain amount of feet in the air.