ANSON, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – The delivery of a white substance to the Jones County Courthouse in Anson closed the building down Monday, even sending people to a nearby hospital for observation. Friday, we received update from the courthouse that test results on the substance were inconclusive but confirmed to be nonnarcotic.

A delivery was made to the Jones County Courthouse Monday. In it was a white substance in opened packaging in an unsealed plastic bag. The courthouse closed out of caution, and the substance was taken to the Texas Department of Public Safety for testing.

Friday, the courthouse told KTAB/KRBC the investigation was still ongoing, but it was confirmed that the substance was not a narcotic.

Of the people sent to the hospital Monday, the courthouse said nobody displayed any symptoms to any effect of the substance, but were sent for evaluation just in case.

The courthouse resumed business as normal Tuesday morning.