Video: 3 children, 1 adult rescued from overturned car


IRVING, Texas (CNN) – It was a terrifying night in Texas for a woman and her 3 small children when their SUV flipped over, trapping them inside.

But police came to their rescue, and it was all caught on camera.

Even before Irving Police Officer Logan Jandrew got to the accident scene on Belt Line Road, he knew it was serious.

“You keep getting updates, cars flipped, there’s people still inside. So, at this point, I need to get there, I need to get there now,” he recalls.

The officer soon found himself face to face with a toddler who was trapped along with another toddler, a 6-year-old girl and their mother inside an overturned SUV.

Witnesses and onlookers wanted to flip the vehicle over, but the officers felt that was too dangerous, and decided to break the back window with a baton.

All while managing to keep the kids calm with soothing messages of comfort.

“At this point you’re trying to calm them down too, you don’t want them worked up, you want them just as relaxed as you are trying to get them instructions, because you have this glass and it shatters down, you want them to just be relaxed,” Officer Landrew said.

Eventually, all three children emerged unscathed, as well as their mother, who was able to remove them from their car seats immediately after the accident.

One of the toddlers got a much-needed hug from the officers.

Irving’s Police Chief, Jeff Spivey, credits his men for their decisions that got the kids out with only a few frightened tears shed among them.

“The compassion that you see that they used, the concern in their voice and the way that they’re communicating, not only with the kids, but with the mom to make sure everyone that its gonna be OK, it makes you very proud,” Chief Spivey said.

Police say there was no way to get the everyone out through a door, not to mention the SUV was unsteady and they were worried it could have rolled over again.

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