ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – The Texas State Veterans Cemetery at Abilene held a funeral service Monday for unaccompanied Veteran, who served in Vietnam.

Private First Class James Phillip Prentice was laid to rest, after passing away May 20 in Lubbock, Texas.

PFC Prentice had no known family to attend the funeral, so members of the community and the West Texas Patriot Guard came to honor and pay their respects. Around 30 people attended the funeral to ensure that PFC Prentice was not alone.

“This man, he was in the army and the marine corps and he sacrificed many years of his personal life to help defend this nation in various ways,” said Denny Sivells, Ride Captain with Patriot Guard. “By being able to be here, we’re giving up our time to recognize his efforts for many years gone past. And one of the reasons we’re able to stay here is because of people like him, veterans who were ready to stand up and answer the call when they were called upon.”

Having served both in the U.S. Army and Marine Corps, both branches were present for PFC Prentice’s funeral. They provided military honors in recognition of the Veteran’s service.