Toddler climbs pool’s locked safety ladder​ in frightening viral video

Viral Video

(WFLA) – Out of all the dangers to worry about with a new family pool, the locked safety ladder should be last on the list.

But one family is now very concerned after their toddler climbed to the top of the closed and secured ladder.

A viral video shows 2-year-old Cody wedging his little feet into the gate’s open slats before his mother grabbed him off the top of the ladder.

Keith Wyman posted the footage of his son on social media saying, “I stress you to watch your kids around pools I will be buying a new type of ladder!!”

The clip has sparked an outcry from other parents who are equally as worried about the widely-sold product.

The family said they have repeatedly reached out to the manufacturer with their concerns about the ladder, but said they have not heard back yet.

So far, the video has been shared more than half-a-million times by people all around the world.

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