For the first time in it’s more than 80 year history, the city pool in Ranger has closed it’s doors, but thanks to donors enough money has been raised to begin construction.

First, they had to clean up. Children of Ranger along with the mayor and other volunteers worked two days straight to get the pool ready for the construction stage.

They spent hours working in the heat, scrubbing, bleaching and power-washing the pool surface.

“There wouldn’t be nothing else to do here in Ranger if the pool didn’t open,” says one 12-year-old who worked hard to assure the pool was ready to go.

The outdated and historic pool was not able to be opened this summer due to expensive repairs.

About two weeks ago, the mayor told the community the city would need at least $6,000 to get the first project for the pool started.

In that short amount of time, they raised over $21,000.

Joe Pilgram, Ranger Mayor, is proud of the work the community put in to make this happen.

“This could make anybody proud to be associated with people that are willing to do something for the kids and allow them to have a good time this summer,” says Pilgram.