ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – With freezing temperatures, roads are icy and dangerous. Local towing companies have been dealing with numerous calls for wrecks. One local tower says he’s receiving hundreds of service calls.

Matthew McGough has been working at Maxx Towing and Recovery for years now. From his experience, he said reducing your speed is the best way to avoid a collision.

“You can’t drive the speed limit with conditions like this. You definitely… Need to cruise around 10 miles per hour,” McGough advised. “So, if anything does happen, you can try to prevent it at a slower speed, or it’s less of a consequence if you do get in an accident with somebody.”

If you do find yourself in that unfortunate circumstance, drivers will need to practice patience while waiting on a towing company. Keep in mind, these tow truck drivers are dealing with the same icy road conditions.

With a heavy workload, McGough said it can take minutes, or in some cases, hours for them to get to you.

“Slow and steady on roads like this. I mean, there’s no hurry in anything, otherwise you’re going to create another accident,” stressed McGough.

Regardless of the weather, drivers are advised to keep an emergency kit in their vehicles at all times.

“You should always carry water in your vehicles, blanket, stuff like that,” McGough added. “You know, a portable battery charger for your cellphone that you can plug in and charge your phone… You might run out of fuel, you cant just run your car the whole time.”