Thursday, October 5th, 2023

Summary: Rain showers are pushed out further south thanks to a second cold front. Following the front cooler temperatures are anticipated with cloud cover retreating by the lunch hour with some stray showers possible as the second front pushes further south. Last night’s rain showers and severe storms came through for some but not all of the big country. Unfortunately, we missed out on the heavy rain only picking up 3/10″ in total. However the temperatures as of now will remain below 90 degrees for the big country this week. Seasonal and perfect the week, some might even say chilly wake up call on weekend mornings. Next week however, an annular solar eclipse is expected!

Today: Cloudy start as rain showers and cloud cover are pushed further south thanks to not one but two cold fronts. High Temperature: 79° Winds: N 5-15 MPH

Tonight: Mostly clear with a light breeze as temperatures remain seasonal. Low Temperature: 59° Winds: NNE 5-15 MPH