ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – The tragic vehicle accident near Littlefield, Texas on Wednesday morning claimed the lives of Carmen Michelle Rodriguez, 30, and Rosalin Rodriguez, 13, both of Abilene.

While two of Rodriguez’s other children in the vehicle survived it was a devastating moment for the mother of Carmen Rodriguez, Olga Martinez.

“The last thing I told my daughter when she left when she was going to pick up my granddaughter was I love you, mija,” Martinez says.

As of Thursday afternoon, Carmen’s 5-year-old son Gabriel was in stable condition following surgery on his lower body, and according to the 5-year-old, he had one last interaction with his mother.

“From when he started waking up and talking,” said family friend Jessie Lachowitzer. “I was going to the light with mom and sister and my mom told me that I couldn’t go and that I needed to come back and take care of my little sister.”

Family friend and co-worker Jessie Lachowitzer said that she was at work the day before. “My reaction was utter devastation,” said Lachowitzer. “There was just no believing it.”

Lachowitzer along with co-workers of Keen Cleaners on Danville Drive in Abilene will be hosting a bake sale on Friday and Saturday to raise donations to go towards funeral costs.

Watch the video above as the mother of Carmen Rodriguez, Olga Martinez, and family friend, and co-worker Jessie Lachowitzer share their memories of Carmen and her daughter Rosalin.