BROWN COUNTY, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – A dry patch of Lake Brownwood, best known as Shamrock Shores, got some much needed hydration Friday.

Kevin Wiedebusch shot and gave KTAB/KRBC access to footage of Shamrock Shores filling up. Wiedebusch runs a handyman service and said he had been working at Lake Brownwood for a month when he noticed all the water coming in.

The whole time Wiedebusch had been out at Lake Brownwood, he said it’s been incredibly dry.

“We… Watched it for a couple hours and then noticed that the water came up about 30ft, floated these docks out here – they were sitting on the ground,” Wiedebusch said. “About five minutes took place and the water went right back out!”

This Brow County business owner told KTAB/KRBC he believes the water may have come in from Jim Ned Creek after recent rain.

As of Thursday, Lake Brownwood was about 76% full, as compared to 81% full a month ago.