Vice President Mike Pence sat down with our White House correspondent to discuss several topics impacting Americans including trade, foreign policy, and immigration. 

The Vice President is expected to travel this weekend to highlight several of the administration’s key accomplishments. Below is our interview per question.

Putin’s Invitation to the White House

We asked the Vice President Pence about why the White House wanted to invite Russian President Putin to Washington. He responded saying the invitation is about promoting piece.

“President Trump is absolutely determined to see if we could improve our relationship with Russia,” Mr. Pence said, adding that the two world’s two biggest nuclear powers need to talk to each other. 

Many in Congress believe President Trump has been too soft on Putin and Russia. The Vice President disagrees.

“We’ll be very clear, we won’t tolerate a malign influence by Russia,” said Mr. Pence.

Thoughts on Immigration Strategy

We asked the Vice President what it would take for Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform. He says the fight over immigration, including the wall, will be back this fall.

“There will be another round of spending bills, I can assure you the President is going to continue to fight,” said Mr. Pence.

The President’s Trade Authority

The Vice President is heading to Tennessee in Georgia this weekend, two states where farmers and manufacturers are already losing money and jobs because of the president’s trade battles with China, Europe, Canada and Mexico.

We asked the Vice President about potential efforts by Senator Pat Toomey, R-PA and Senator Orrin Hatch, R-UT to block President Trump’s authority to impose tariffs without the approval of Congress.

“Wwe have every confidence in the days ahead…that we’ll be able to make real progress, whether it be in NAFTA that’s make significant progress in recent months, or re-negotiating our trade relationship with the EU,” said Mr. Pence. “Our message to people across the country is…be confident.”