ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – For many Texans, a good spring break is filled with at least a few days on the water. Ashley Barnes owns SUP Abilene, a stand-up paddle board, canoe and kayak rental service operated out of a private cove along the shores of Lake Fort Phantom Hill. She said due to the high winds and low temperatures, the watercrafts were not able to set sail this year.

“So spring break for us is usually pretty big as long as the weather cooperates. Unfortunately this year it has not cooperated… I had a lot of high school kids that wanted to come out today and they were bummed,” Barnes explained.

In fact, aside from the occasional fishing boat, the waters around Abilene have been notably lonely this March. Barnes said they had tried to make the best of a bad situation but at a certain point, their hands were tied.

“If it’s above 15 to 20 mile an hour winds, it’s not safe to be on the water… There’s just not a lot that we can do, unfortunately. We are literally at the mercy of the weather,” expressed Barnes.

Barnes said she will be looking for any opportunity to make up for lost time before the busy season this summer.

“Between now and then, if we have a nice warm weekend we’re gonna open up,” Barnes shared.

While indoor activities and more dry attractions have seen large crowds, the lake-faring among us may have to wait a few months before applying any sunscreen.