SNYDER, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Walking into the home of a family that just lost a 17-year-old boy, you wouldn’t expect to see any smiling faces. The Dominguez family was overwhelmed, finding out their son’s death has impacted most of the Snyder community. It was community support that brought smiles to their faces during their grief. 

Zavier Dominguez was a senior at Snyder ISD who was killed in a car wreck Saturday morning, August 27. His family and friends described him with words like “unique,” “giving,” and “great.” 

The family has spent their last few days reflecting on Zavier’s life. But during this time, his parents, Eric and Wendy, were shocked to learn how much Zavier impacted the community.  

The Domingezes told KTAB/KRBC hundreds of people have reached out to them to tell them how they knew their son or how his death has affected them. 

“We thought he was just a quiet kid,” Wendy pondered. 

Although his parents didn’t expect the amount of support Zavier had, his best friend Emily Garcia told a different story. 

“He was always happy, he was always laughing and he was always outgoing,” Emily listed. 

She explained how this followed him up until his last night, when she was with him. 

“From what we know of Z, that didn’t sound like my little brother. But it was so awesome to know he was out there with everyone,” said Jonathan, Zavier’s brother.

Meanwhile, Zavier’s sister, Patricia, explained how thankful she was for the support, “We feel like we can’t thank everyone enough for letting him be known.” 

The family said everyone reaching out to them has helped them through this awful grieving process. 

“It brings a smile to our faces everyday,” said Eric. “Someone new everyday.”

Snyder ISD’s superintendent made a statement, saying the tight knit community will need time to grieve the death of the two boys killed in the accident. 

Even though her son is no longer with her, Wendy remained hopeful Monday; “My baby’s not done. He’s going to make sure his appearance is shown.” 

KTAB/KRBC was unable to reach Armando Carrillo’s family – the other boy who was killed, but the Dominguez family said they hope to get in contact with them soon, so they can grieve together and support one another.