ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – As costs of goods continue to rise across the country, you may have noticed many restaurants and businesses also raising prices. While one Abilene restaurant is being hit with the inflation, its owners say they want to prioritize their customers and actually lower menu prices.

Stonewalls Pizza, Wings & Things faced the classic hardships of opening a new business. But opening it just this year, the business had to also face inflation and a restaurant location with a reputation.

“Being a new business, it’s been really hard trying to get people to come in,” said Natalie Stefan, daughter of owners. “Keeping it open is just the hard part until business starts to keep up.” 

On her way to college Natalie told KTAB/KRBC she wants her family’s business to remain stable, and mainly attributing the struggle to inflation and the heat. 

Natalie’s mother, Kellie, said the stigma around the location has also affected their customers. 

What’s best known around town as ‘the hotdog castle’ was built in the mid-1970s. Since then, it’s been multiple restaurants.

Grinders Gourmet Sandwiches, Coffee & More – 2007

(Via Google Maps) Grinders Gourmet Sandwiches, Coffee & More in Abilene, Apr. 2008

Heff’s Burgers – 2013

(Via Google Maps) Heff’s Burgers in Abilene, Mar. 2013

Bosses Pizza, Wings & Burgers of Abilene – 2018

(Via Google Maps) Bosses Pizza, Wings & Burgers of Abilene, Feb. 2018

Stonewalls Pizza, Wings & Things – 2022

(Via Google Maps) Stonewalls Pizza, Wings & Things, Jan. 2022

“We are not the previous owners,” Kellie assured. “We are Stonewalls pizza from Llano.”

The original location was opened in Llano, Texas, but when Edward Stefan got a job offer in Abilene, which fell through, they decided to open one here. 

Edward decided to do something recently to show their customers they care about them. 

“We lowered our prices so that people could still afford to go out and eat,” said Edward. 

Although it has been difficult for them, Kellie explains that they are making it work. Since the price change, the business reported a 24-30% increase in customer intake.

“We’re very much a mom and pop, and we understand financial issues especially right now,” Natalie explained. 

The gesture brought in new customers like Jonathan and Dawn Patten, who took a break from their company’s work at Jonny’s Lawn and Tree Service to have some pizza at Stonewalls. 

“That is totally awesome to help families,” Dawn raved. “Especially with a lot of children and everything.”

Dawn told KTAB/KRBC and Stonewalls that she and her family will absolutely become repeat customers.

This pizza joint is located on South 1st Street and the Stefans say if more customers continue to come, they will be able to keep their prices the same and remain open.