ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – While the Potosi volunteer Fire Department battled the Saddle Lakes in far south Abilene, another fire broke out north of Potosi just off Highway 36. The Eula and Clyde Fire departments answered the call for mutual aid, allowing Potosi to focus attention on the fire at hand.

“We told them, ‘we got, it keep your people over there,'” said Eula Fire Chief Roy Galinak.

Upon arrival, Eula was able to take control of the blaze and Clyde diverted home. Chief Galinak told KTAB/KRBC they were able to keep it from spreading, thanks to some early preventative action from the Taylor County Precinct 4 commissioner.

“Taylor county precinct commissioner came out here with a road grader,” ChiefGalinak explained, “and cut us a nice 20 foot wide line around the fire to keep it from spreading.”

Though the cause is still unknown, Chief Galinak explained that this fire was likely heat related. With quick and decisive action, the damage was kept to a minimum.

“Thankfully, the wind’s not blowing 50 miles an hour. But if it were blowing pretty hard today, this could have gotten out of hand relatively quickly. We would have been calling in forest service,” Chief Galinak praised. “We would have ended up with another Mesquite Heat or Eastland Complex situation here… And my job as Fire Chief is – I don’t want any of that.”

The fire started and was contained to a pile of brush and discarded trees. Chief Galinak said the area will likely smoke for the next week or so. Though, if any flames are seen, they should be immediately reported to emergency services.