ABILENE, Texas (BigCountryHomepage) – An Abilene Christian professor, director of graphic design is among the few people who have had the honor to design stamps for the USPS. The theme? Western Wear.

Ryan Feerer, born and raised in Texas, designed four of the new USPS stamps. Feerer has been working on the design of the stamps since 2018 and will finally see the culmination of his work this Friday, July, 23 when the stamps arrive to post offices and are available for purchase.

Feerer says one of his professors at the School of Visual Arts in New York City served on the Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee for the USPS and recommended him for the project. A “once in a lifetime” opportunity.

A cowboy hat, a belt buckle, a boot, and a pearl snap shirt. These are the four “Western Wear” themed designs Ryan created.

According to Ryan, being emerged in the culture helped him find the right representation for West Texas in his designs.

Additionally, Ryan says his grandfather was a rancher and a postmaster, so the honor of illustrating the stamps makes him feel a connection to him.

You can order the stamps HERE.