Abilene PD now able to locate callers using GPS data

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ABILENE, Texas IKTAB/KRBC) – The Abilene Police Department is now able to pinpoint callers using GPS data.

“RapidSOS,” the new software used by the APD, allows them to locate callers with an accuracy rate of 5 meters or less.

According to APD Communications Manager Becky Mackiewicz, using ‘cell towers’ allows them to triangulate a location within 1000 to 200 meters; however, using the same GPS technology popular apps such as Uber, and Lyft use helps them get a more accurate location.

“We rely so much on the information we receive from callers, and when we receive calls from people where they can’t speak to us, if they are in a dangerous situation where they can’t talk, or they are having a medical issue that prevents them from speaking, it will help us to know exactly where they are located,” said Mackiewicz.

Mackiewicz added that once a call is made to 911 the location is automatically shared with the department.

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