CLYDE, Texas (BigCountryHomepage) – Trevor Wilkinson, the Clyde High School student who was suspended for painting his nails, continues to advocate for a dress code policy change. The Clyde CISD will host a special meeting where they will discuss the issue.

Trevor Wilkinson says the Clyde CISD made an effort to reach a “middle ground,” on his in-school suspension. However, this did not happen as Trevor Wilkinson believed this “middle ground” was still unfair.

“My superintendent and principal tried to respectfully find a middle ground for us to meet on to kind of put this away, but unfortunately I could not do that middle ground, I could not meet them there,” said Wilkinson.

“The middle ground that they wanted was: I take off my nails and in return, they’ll let me speak at the board meeting. But I could not do that because I’ve been to a board meeting before and I spoke about a lot of these things and nothing happened, so I decided to not take the middle ground and to actually stand my ground on this.”

The Clyde CISD has called a “special meeting” to talk about the issue.

Additionally, the school district received a letter from the American Civil Liberties Union, where they were asked to reexamine the dress and grooming code policies that are “unconstitutional and discriminatory.”

High School Senior Trevor Wilkinson has collected over 160,000 signatures on the petition that he started ‘Allow Males to Wear Nail Polish’.

Wilkinson continues to advocate for the dress code policy change and hopes that the outcome of the meeting being held on Thursday will allow him and other students to “freely” express themselves.