Stamford teenagers save cancer patient trapped inside a burning vehicle

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STAMFORD, Texas (BigCountryHomepage) – Three teenagers from Stamford, Texas are being held heroes after they rescued a man who was trapped inside a burning vehicle.

Brett Patterson, Luke Thane, and Keith Richards were coming home from Abilene when they saw a car engulfed in flames on the road.

The three teenagers did not hesitate to help.

They stopped their car and then realized there was a person trapped inside.

The teenagers did not waste time and started to do everything they could to help. They called 911, grabbed some water they had in the car, and pulled the man out of the vehicle with the help of another person who stopped when he saw them on the road.

The man who was trapped inside the car was on his way home from his cancer treatment when his car caught fire.

After he was dragged away from the vehicle he was still concerned and trying to get his medication from inside the vehicle.

“Your medication is replaceable, your life is not,” said Luke Thane to the man a few minutes before the car exploded.

According to Brett Patterson, the explosion set the other side of the road on fire as well.

Aside from the man with third-degree burns on his leg. No one else was injured.

The three teenagers have set up a GoFundMe account for the man they saved, hoping they’ll raise enough funds to help him with his expenses.

If you wish to donate for the cause of these ‘heroes,’ you can click HERE to donate.

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