ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Tenured councilmember Weldon Hurt has been elected to serve as the new Mayor of Abilene.

Hurt beat out his opponents during the General Election Saturday night.

There will be no runoff election in the mayoral race because Hurt was able to secure 66% of the votes. Dasi Reddy received 10% of the votes, Ryan Goodwin received 23% of the votes, and Chad Clark received 1% of the votes.

Prior to his election as mayor, Hurt, who owns a pest control company, served on Abilene’s city council for almost two terms, hoping his experience with the City will help in his new role.

“I’ve learned just how the city works, how budgets work, how you procure bids, things like that. How our charter works within city government,” Hurt said during an interview on KTAB’s Big Country Politics.

Political expert Paul Fabrizio gave an interview on Hurts impending election, saying “If Weldon Hurt is elected I would argue the establishment here in the city of Abilene. He’s well-known. He’s respected. He’s coming from a business prospective. He’s a small business owner. He’s been successful. He’s worked with the chamber of commerce. What he represents is a continuation of largely the same policies that we’ve had over the last several years. He – I view as someone that’s not going to upend the apple cart, but someone who is going to be another person that speaks for the business community of Abilene and that has been I would argue one of the dominant groups here in Abilene for a long, long time.”

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