ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – If you have ever been to Sam’s Club in Abilene, you have most likely met or been greeted by Lina Musgrave. 

She has worked for Sam’s since it opened in Abilene in 1988, and after 33 years of work, she is retiring this Friday. 

Normally door greeters are doing just that: greeting people at the door, but this week Lina is putting in a little extra work.

“I’ve been working here at Sam’s for the last 33 years,” said Lina. “They are like my family.” 

Because she’s not only saying hi, but also goodbye. 

“She’s such an icon,” said one customer.  

“Ms. Lina is the face of Sam’s,” said Alan Stafford, Sam’s customer. 

“You come in the door, and she’s the first one that smiles at you, so she makes you feel great,” says Carolyn Redpath, Sam’s customer. 

“I’ve known her since we opened the first store,” customer Warren Spiker says. 

Sam’s club opened in Abilene on October 11, 1988 on South First Street.  

“We hired Lina seven days prior to that,” said Bill Smithson, who was the General Manager that hired at the time. 

Since that day, Lina has been a staple to the club and the community. 

“Greet them with a smile, ‘Hi honey, how are you?’ and they said, ‘Hi Lina, it’s always good to see you,’ and same here, I am always happy,” said Lina. 

Lina moved to Abilene from the Philippines with her husband, who was stationed in Abilene, and since then she says the Key City has been her home. 

“For those years, rain or shine, Lina is always here,” said Lina. 

She says she’s excited to start her new chapter, but will miss the friends and coworkers she’s made along the way. 

“I want to thank the company for the opportunity to work,” said Lina. 

And the community will miss her just as much. 

Lina’s managers say she’s always been a team player, could sell virtually anything to anyone, and has always been a top fundraiser for local charities and nonprofits.

Her last day is Friday, December 3, so you still have time to give her a last visit.