Trinity is a very sweet and loving girl. Trinity loves to do arts and crafts, and enjoys activities like home scavenger hunts. Trinity loves animals and the outdoors. Trinity has short blonde hair and big blue eyes. Trinity is a very smart kid and does well in school. Trinity likes to eat sweets but also likes healthy food as well. Trintiy enjoys music and has played the clarinet. Trinity does well with other younger children, however she would do best as an only child. Trinity is known for taking on a mom role and trying to mother everyone. She is always trying to make people laugh and enjoys engaging in conversations and activities with her placement family. Trinity can be very mannerly and often shows good manners.

Family Profile

The ideal family for Trinity will give her encouragement, motivation, and love in good times and in bad. The idea family will be someone who will understand her, and knows that she will have failures and triumphs and are willing to guide her to be the best person she can be. Trinity looks forward to being part of loving family who will be with her forever.

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