ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Two Abilene breweries, Sockdolager Brewing Company and Pappy Slokum Brewing Company, announced the closing of both businesses less than a week apart, both attributing it to an “unsustainable market,” but what does an unsustainable market mean for other local businesses? 

According to Tim Smith, Abilene Developer, this only applies to these breweries. 

“You had three breweries within a close proximity of each other,” Smith said.

He also stated that this is a niche market.  However, as far as other clientele in downtown Abilene and surrounding areas, Smith said it is only growing. 

“If you come down on a weekend, there’s far more people than there ever has been, and I think when the new hotel gets opened up, you’re going to see a bump in the number of people in and out of downtown,” Smith explained.

Even though there are more people, Smith told KTAB/KRBC about another problem he has seen, which is that many south-side residents or residents that live outside of the city limits rarely come downtown. 

One woman who has asked to remain anonymous, said she typical shops on the south side of town.

“We tend to come down here because we know what we need is going to be here and it’s going to be open. We’re more familiar with here than downtown,” said the woman.

Elizabeth Glass, who works in south Abilene, said that distance also plays a factor.

“I’m more likely to come to a place that is closer to where I work than going onto the North side,” Glass explained.

This is why Smith encourages even more people to come visit downtown. 

“Help us make this the heartbeat of our city,” Smith expressed. 

A new brewery, Primal Brewery from Brownwood, announced that it is coming to Abilene and the owner told KTAB/KRBC even though he is sad for these owners needing to close, he is not really concerned about the market for his business. 

As far the future of the Sockdolager building, Smith said he already has two serious prospects.