(BigCountryHomepage.com) – Did you happen to see a line of lights Monday night around 9:00? If so, you’re not alone and no, it wasn’t anything necessarily out of this world.

An anonymous report was called in to the KTAB/KRBC newsroom about the line of lights, “We’re not crazy, it was about a thousand feet up from us… Man, it was weird!”

According to a Facebook post from US National Weather Service Abilene/San Angelo Texas, it was actually just a reflection.

US National Weather Service Abilene/San Angelo Texas: Reflection of Starlink satellite spotted in West Texas night sky

The weather service said the line of lights, “was a group of Starlink communication satellites.”

Sunlight apparently reflected off the satellite and made the appearance of brighter lights for just a couple of minutes as it moved across the sky.

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