ABILENE Texas (KTAB/KRBC)- Across the country, Americans awoke Friday morning to news that the landmark case Roe V. Wade was overturned by the Supreme Court, leaving decisions on the legality of abortion up to states to choose for themselves.

Proponents and detractors of the decision are making their voices heard both nationally and here in the Big Country.

“I really consider it (the decision) to be an abomination of human rights,” says Abilene resident and Entrepreneur Sean David Carasso.

“Very thankful that something we’ve been praying for finally happened,” Abilene resident Bethany Gilliam says.

“This is a dark devastating moment for our country,” says Taylor County Democratic Chair Elizabeth Smyser.

“It’s a great day in America and a great day for the courts and the constitution,” Texas Representative Jodey Arrington says.

Some like Arrington are praising the court’s decision as an unbiased interpretation of the constitution.

“Policies that are not articulated in the constitution were always meant to be diffused by being delegated to the 50 states,” says Arrington.

Still – others like Smyser question what is being done to ready the state’s system for those that will inevitably be affected by their representatives’ decisions.

“The state has not prepared for the increase of needy families that are going to be needing support. Our social safety net is non-existent,” Smyser says.

Each side agrees that the core of each state’s choice seems to hinge on the question, “When does life begin?”

“I would prefer quite frankly that all 50 states ban abortion and define life at conception, but there’s not that definition in the law,” Arrington says.

Some are hailing each state’s right to choose as a moral victory for the country.

“God decided when it begins but yeah the states get to make that choice,” says Gilliam.

Others aasserting that this choice should not be the government’s to make at any level.

“Everyone is allowed to have their spiritual beliefs, but when they take those theologies and those beliefs and they build laws around them to oppress other humans – to strip other humans of what they consider their foundational rights. That is not democracy and it’s certainly not freedom of religious expression. It’s theocracy,” Carasso says.

But with the Supreme Court’s decision as it stands now, states will determine what the law means to them and American citizens will be faced with their own decisions.

“The majority of people that out of necessity need to have an abortion are poor women they’re women of color they’re going to be devastated. Rich women will always be able to get an abortion,” says Smyser.

“If somebody is just beside themselves and just uncomfortable with maybe the law in Texas for example that bans abortion, they can always vote with their feet and move to Massachusetts or California. I’m certain that they will have some of the most liberal abortion policies,” Arrington stated.