TUSCOLA, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Driving through highways and roads in the Big Country, you might have noticed wildflowers have blossomed. Texas is known for its beautiful outdoor sights and these wildflowers signify spring has sprung.

Owner of Willow Creek Gardens in Abilene Adam Andrews said West Texas is known for its dry conditions.

“We’re in a hot dry arid area, so there’s not a lot of blooming things so the wildflowers we really cherish when you get to see them,” said Andrews.

Last year the Big Country didn’t see as many wildflowers as possible, but Andrews shared that this spring brought the perfect weather conditions.

“What was important at the beginning of this year to have January, February to have rains that sets the seeds and plants in motion, and we got those rains so we should have a really good crop this year of flowers,” explained Andrews.

Jason Groves is the founder of Refuge Ranch in Tuscola. A space created to serve as an oasis for people of all ages to rest, reconnect and discover. As an extension of the nonprofit Groves created, the Bluebonnet Festival unites the community through the outdoors.

“We named this the Bluebonnet Festival because when we think of bluebonnets, we think of hope and unity” expressed Groves.

This year is the second annual Bluebonnet Festival. An event that also honors local Mabel Reynolds, who is known for bringing bluebonnets to Buffalo Gap.

“We also see the legacy that bluebonnets have in Texas, and we honor the legacy of Mabel Reynolds who is 105 today, but she started the bluebonnets on our property over 50 years ago with two plants and now there’s thousands,” said Groves.

The festival will also encourage its attendees to plant their own bluebonnets.

“We’re going to have a designated area where we can throw those out years ahead, we can see how they bloom all throughout the property,” shared Groves.

The Bluebonnet Festival will be held Saturday April 14 in Tuscola at Refuge Ranch and will feature live music and food trucks from locals.